1 Million Reasons To Fight Back Now

Tell us what you are most concerned with and learn what you can do to help protect marriage.

Religious Liberty

Same-sex marriage supporters are infringing upon your religious liberties.

Stand up now against the redefinition of marriage!

The New York Swindle

NY politicians betrayed their values and turned against their constituents to allow same-sex marriage. Then they were paid off by Manhattan elites and Hollywood superstars!

Don't let your state become the next New York!

NOM Marriage Pledge

Some presidential candidates have pledged to defend marriage as one man and one woman.

See where the candidates stand on marriage now!

About the 2012 Marriage Challenge

The National Organization For Marriage wants to raise $1,000,000 before the year's end to defend marriage.

Through December 31st, every contribution is being matched dollar for dollar by a generous supporter.

Your donation today will help double our impact in 2012!